Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Temporarily Saying Goodbye to Bumdom

Last week, my concerned dad, worried about the welfare and the future of his only child, gave me a rare heart-to-heart talk. And the topic? The state of my financial affairs. Oh yeah, it's pathetic, I have a medical degree and I am a certified diplomate in internal medicine, but this sad fact remains: I am still jobless and I am not earning a single dime.

Well, I'm not exactly a scum. I'm just waiting around for fellowship to start in March. For the 1st time since I started residency, I got a vacation that lasted for more than 2 weeks. So, give me a break. I deserve this. Right? Huh, right? Right?

During that talk, my dad found out I was planning to go to Batanes for my 3-week solo adventure some time in late January to early February. Predictably enough, he was mad! "Don't do that! What are you going to get out of it? Don't you have any common sense at all? Your priorities are all wrong!" For those who don't know me well enough, my dad's reasoning sounds logical, practical, and definitely right. But for those who have known me for the past 3 years, come on. Give me a break! I have been planning this trip since 3 years ago! Perhaps you can spare me a bit of indulgence and say, "Go ahead. Just do it." (Someone say this please...)

So I begged my dad. "I've been looking forward to this trip for so long. I'm doing this against all reason because I know I will never have a chance to do it again if I pass this one off." And being the soft-hearted dad that he is, despite the stern facade, he fell silent. (Although I saw a faint glimmer in his eyes, that could only mean hope. Hope that I was right. Perhaps his daughter would finally stop moving about and settle down, as in get hitched. Ugh!)

So I resolved to never ask a single cent from him while I'm jobless. For whatever expense, and most especially, not for my Batanes trip. This was the very reason why I panicked and hounded every person I know who might be able to get me a moonlighting job.

And God is good. I got one feasible offer tonight. Tomorrow, I'm temporarily saying goodbye to bumdom to earn my keep. I'm finally going moonlighting!

Anything for my piece of Ivatan dream...


Reena said...

Goodluck! I hope you get this one. Batanes can wait. :)

Nobe said...

hey! you deserve that trip. my sis is on her third year in med school and how i wish she could take a much needed break.


dr_clairebear said...

hey, girl, go for it. this is the best time to do it, promise. ganyan din ang feeling ko early last year every time we went on a trip - i was just lucky i got the gig on Amanpulo! and now that i look back on it, i must say with conviction that every trip was worth it.

i'm trying to convince myself of that now that i'm trying to plan a solo adventure of my own. if only it didn't involve long distance driving, i'd be going in a heartbeat! but as it is, i'm still trying to organize things in my mind. wish me luck - and i wish you luck on your trip as well!

Walking on Water said...

thanks for the support, girls! i'll certainly be working double time for that trip.

claire, if i run out of dough, nanjan ka naman para pautangin ako. hahaha!