Friday, January 2, 2009

Job Ad. This is Serious!

Seriously, I need your help.

If any of my readers can give me a job or refer me to someone who can get me a job I could use in the next several days, I'd really appreciate it.

Authentic UP-PGH trained, board-certified physician, plus board certified internist (if this helps, though usually it's a minus in these parts of the world, I discovered). I can work long hours, can stay sane 3 or 5 duty days in a row, with no complaint. Can go to the most remote areas, for days on end, can manage whatever comes with the most minimal stuff, good people-skills, adept in administrative stuff, computer literate, diplomatic, genuinely loves patients. Desperately in need of a source of living.

I can man OPD clinics, can work in ERs, can be an all-around doctor in community settings, can manage ICUs, can be the internist in a specialized unit, can even be secretary, can do medical transcription writing, can even write non-medical literature, whatever a physician can do. I have a habit not to complain, I'm hardworking and passionate, and most especially, I'm desperate. That combination makes a great worker, doesn't it?

I'll be available during the following dates for the following areas: Until January 10 (anywhere in the Davao or Cotabato provinces), January 11 to January 19 (Manila and neighboring communities), January 20 - February 6 (Batanes), February 7 to 28 (Manila and neighboring communities again).

Please contact me thru this blog, or email me at

Thank you very much!


will said...

hey ma'am, happy job hunting!

Reena said...

Hi. Just passing by....
Seriously? No job openings for someone like you? My cousin who is an OBGYN plans to leave for NZ because there is a big demand there.
Good luck!

Walking on Water said...

@reena: i got no plans of leaving yet. not while i'm still a sucker for idealism and all that crap.=)
thanks for dropping by...