Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Relativity of a Fancy Meal

There was a time when my idea of a great time was to sit for hours in a fancy restaurant that serves exotic foreign-sounding menu, indulging in my favorite company (myself), spending at least P500 just for a single meal. After dinner, I'd go to a cafe for dessert and coffee with myself, spending a couple more hundred.

This time, bumhood has made me realize that I've quite gone full circle in my life's journey from a college kid who delights in fastfood fantasies to an urban young professional who can waste a hundred bucks on a cup of coffee. I've gone back to where I started: Sky Flakes for breakfast and pancit canton or a can of Blue Bay tuna for dinner. In my desire to preserve my meager funds for my Batanes adventure that is due in one week (woohoo!), I'm behaving like a college kid who thrives on a daily fare of pancit canton and canned goods. I'm not complaining. I am in fact, basking in the simplicity of it all. There's nothing like a penny well spent. Living the life of the scrooge fits me well.

Though of course, if anyone is willing to dole out a few free fancy dinners, I'd be very happy to oblige. But until then, instant pancit canton will be a gastronomic delight and considered a fancy meal.

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Reena said...

shucks, i can't stand pancit canton! i had a year-long love affair with pancit canton back in college. i can't cook so i resorted to everything pancit. now the sight, smell and taste of pancit drives me nuts. :)

congrats on your batanes trip! :)