Monday, January 5, 2009

Evolution is good.

I keep on repeating this statement over and over again these days. Perhaps this is what hibernation does. It makes your system renew itself, such that the old, unnecessary parts are shed off, and new, hopefully more useful attributes of yourself are developed and harnessed. Survival of the fittest, that's the theory. But in practice, it's not just the fit, but the wise, and those who know when to hide, that make it big in this cruel world.

Last year, I encountered this website And I, being a great Simpsonite, because of my ridiculous fascination for Mr. Homer Simpson who I believe is actually my soulmate or even my alter-ego, ventured into creating a Simpson character out of my own photograph. This year, I did it again. And I was pleased with the changes. Hmmm, evolution is good...

I have this strange, creepy feeling that this will be a fantastic year. It's not just a feeling, but a conviction, almost like a certainty that this year will be a lot better than the rest. Of course, I'm speaking from the point of view of someone who's stuck in a proverbial dark hole, hibernating, shedding off some skin, gaining some weight, regenerating some worn-out neurons and cardiac sarcomeres, in preparation for a new phase of growth in life.

This could just be a renewed supply of optimism, the source of which still remains unknown to me. But today, just a few moments ago in fact, I have suddenly chosen to defy medical common sense, strip-off my acquired armor of cynicism, and revoke some of my long held beliefs. To hell with self-preservation. To be able to live, it might be wiser to be vulnerable and suffer some hard blows. After all, we evolve. And evolution happens to those who allow themselves to suffer, those who embrace Mother Nature in its harshest conditions.

So for 2009, I will believe in the following medical myths: neurons can regenerate, infarcted cardiac muscle fibers may be brought back to life, and yes, amputated limbs may be restored to as good as new.

Evolution, in whatever form, is certainly good!=)

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