Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post-Travel Depression, or Something Exactly Like It

Today, it was extremely hard to overcome my inertia. I was happily idling around in my room content with my Sky Flakes and pancit canton diet when, by some miracle, a benevolent soul offered to buy me dinner and a few drinks. After an initial hesitation which was immediately erased when I found out that this person, my only hope for a familiar face in Batanes, will not be around to make it there, I gratefully consented. (Though life is unfair because he bought himself a new jacket especially for the Batanes trip, which is MY trip, one he won’t be doing anyway, while I’d have to be content with free meals.)

Conversations with this man, who I’d like to call “the stranger I picked up from Friendster who turned out to be my greatest travel buddy” (he gets credit pala for my blog name photo above), have always been akin to an adventure to some distant place. Very strangely and so unexpectedly, they always seem to bring me epiphanies. Just to name a few, here are some examples from tonight:

Epiphany #1: The best thing I’ve ever known is that I don’t know anything at all.
Epiphany #2: Sometimes, the best decision doesn’t have to feel right. It just has to be right.
Epiphany #3: It’s indeed wonderful and humbling to know that in all His greatness, God finds it worth His while to take good care of assholes like us. And somehow, He is still there even if we push our luck too far.
Epiphany #4: The path to a great friendship is thus: you find someone really great, know them better and realize they’re such flawed individuals just like you are, you stand by them anyway, and love them even more for that.

After great conversations like these, I always feel a bit depressed. Beautiful talks like these come as rarely as healing journeys to a distant land. It’s like traveling to a strange place where you had the greatest time of you life, but you have to come home to the real world that is waiting for you. Big time post-travel depression, I always say. But life is not to be pondered on, it is to be lived. Journeys happen, but it is home that matters most.

It’s great to know that my next fix, Batanes, is just around the corner. At the same time, it’s also alarming to know that Batanes will most probably be the last of my adventures of this kind. (So I’m crossing my fingers this does not turn out to be the metaphor that I fear it would.)

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