Friday, January 23, 2009

Nowhereland Nowhoreland

Four days in Batanes and I'm currently aching for company. I'm tired of hearing myself talk, tired of listening to my multiple personalities argue with each other. I'm currently stranded in the Philippines' northernmost inhabited island, the limestone platform that miraculously rose out of the sea, the town called Itbayat. I was here on a whim, so typical of my impulsive, risk-taking self. I was supposed to set out for Sabtang, an island down south. Since I found myself in the wrong pier, I got on the boat (called "tataya" or "falowa" in these areas) to this island (the trip was an adventure in itself, deserving of a complete entry some other time). In Lonely Planet, it said there that visitors to Itbayat should be prepared to be stranded for days or even weeks. I went anyway. I was reckless, as always.

And so, this is Day 1 of being castaway and stranded in this lovely little town. I hope the weather will be perfect tomorrow.

I was walking around town today, and wow, there's an internet shop here. A community e-center established by the local government. Perfect. Aside from this, they have a gleaming district hospital with brand new lab facilities, but no med tech and no physician. Ridiculous. This is a town with 100% PhilHealth coverage, with all medications shouldered by the local government. And when I offered to make rounds in the district hospital (they were so glad there's suddenly a doctor out of nowhere), there's no patient. Hmmm, anyone interested in getting the job? hehehe

My writings don't make any sense. Very poorly written. The last decent and real conversation I had was 6 days ago, with someone who absolutely hates travel-blogging. So I'm not going to travel-blog. I'm not talented enough to do that even if I wanted to. I'm just going to blabber here.

I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere blabbering. Some things in my mind now: I love my solitude, but the first chance of a real conversation I'd get once I get home, I'm gonna grab it and I'm gonna talk for hours. Company isn't really that bad for me, isn't it? No wonder they call the travel bible "Lonely Planet". Oh boy, sometimes it can indeed get lonely.

And another thing. If they have conversation-whores, whine-whores, or travel-whores around in this place, why, this is already utopia. And surely, if men whores exist in this place, I would already have hired myself one.

(Seriously, I'll post better entries soon, and some very nice pictures. But I won't be travel-blogging still.)


Reena said...

i thought you were travelling there with a companion. well, just enjoy! try to make the best out of it. :)

dr_clairebear said...

girl, welcome to my world! hehehe... or at least that's what it was during my frist few weeks here. and that's how it still is when i get bitten by the wandering bug even when i'm in the middle of the city.

i have discovered that much as i enjoy company, i also savor my solo time - whether it's spent as running time, aimles wandering time, driving time, or just sitting on the beach and watching the world go by time.

on the other hand, i am pretty lucky that seven months into my exile here, i actually have people to be with when i need the company. :)