Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Batanes: Settling In

I arrived Basco last January 20, aboard a Dornier jet of SEA Air. I felt uneasy, knowing I was being reckless and insane. Again.

Even as a child, I knew I had the wanderlust in me, having delighted in long, exhausting land trips that even adults find revolting. While most children throw up during long trips, I revel in them, finding solace in conversations with myself or my imaginary friends. Thank God for my highly adaptable vestibular system, motion sickness wasn’t much of a concern. I enjoy walking around on my own, looking through every nook and cranny, walking the forlorn path, always humming or talking to myself. In fact, they already knew I was crazy then (a prelude to the functional schizoid that I have become as an adult), and I’ve been spanked many times for wandering around too much. If I am 20 years younger now, my mom and my dad would have spanked me too.

Serious traveling started in 2007. Somehow, influences during that time activated the travel bug that has been gnawing at my feet for so long. The itching feet were finally scratched. In 2008, I discovered the joys of traveling on my own. Though all this history on how I became a “Lonely Planet” is beside the point. I should have been writing about Batanes. To make a long, senseless story short, Batanes has been my dream destination. And this time, finally, I’m here. Wohoo!

So anyway… The first few days were spent settling in. I decided to spend my first night at Shanedel’s Inn, a cozy homestay with a stunning view of the ocean and the Port of Basco. Because this is the winter season, tourists are scarce. I was the only guest in the house. Perfect.

Cozy ambiance, magnificent ocean view, huge table, giant meal. All for one.

The Port of Basco at dusk on a rare windless early evening. Perfect scene for musing and indulging schizophrenic tendencies.

Another shot. This is the port of a provincial capital but it is so quiet you can be heard across the street when you fart.

Waiting for sunset at Shanedel's, with Jack Johnson crooning in my iPod, while learning the art of taking self-portraits, something a lonesome traveler would have to master.

That's Basco Lighthouse over Naidi Hills. Taken during an early morning walk to the southern side of town. In Batanes, when you're by the ocean, everything seems picture-perfect.
More on this on the next entry. And more shots in Flickr...


drrayms said...

mother, ang payat mo na! in fairness!!! so walang kang nakitang Ivatan? Hehehehehe...

Walking on Water said...

kunwari lang yan mother, photographic illusion. hay naku, wala ditong ivatan na pwedeng landiin. wala ring fellow-traveler.=( hopeless na ito.