Thursday, January 15, 2009

Irrational Optimism

I had coffee with a good friend yesterday. I know I have just blogged about steering clear of additional expenses such as a cup of coffee from Starbucks while I'm unemployed, but nuggets of wisdom discovered during conversations with old friends are always priceless and thus worth every extra hard-earned penny. From a simple residency batchmate, my friend Ms. V, a motel-magnate and underwear guru by virtue of her blue-blooded name, has for the past year, been unexpectedly bestowed the great dishonor of being my coffee-partner and travel-buddy in my otherwise schizoid and antisocial existence.

Anyway, we were talking about how, for some strange reasons, we are both looking forward to a terrific and exciting new year. We knew how illogical and unfounded these instincts are. True to our inquisitive nature as internists, we tried to identify reasonable justifications for this surplus of optimism we both share. We found none.

Higher pay? Nope. New job? Yes, for me, but this could only mean less free time for myself. New destinations? I’m doing my dream Batanes exploration this January and she’s doing her dream Tubbataha dive in April, but after those there will probably be a dearth of more thrilling destinations for both of us. Healthier lifestyles? Hmmm, maybe. New gadgets? Nah. New boyfriends? Ugh, nearly impossible at this time, we can’t even identify old ones. This year will be man-less and full of undefiled feminine supremacy.

So why are we happy? Why foresee so much hope in the coming year? When would this optimism end? What will end it? Of course Ms. V and I failed to get any answers. We didn’t mind. These are the types of questions we shouldn’t even bother answering.

I was walking home to my apartment, feeling the chilly Manila breeze. It suddenly dawned upon me. Perhaps, just perhaps, my other friend, DD7-bra-size-turned-hotsie- patootsie-fitness-buff Ms. C is right. It’s time to clear the clutter from the old years. This time that I was actually seriously considering her suggestion, I was very much surprised when I realized that there's really not much clutter to clear anymore. I guess I've already thrown away what needs to be disposed of. Perhaps that's the reason for this irrational optimism I'm having now. Congratulate me, Ms. C!

(though being a half-baked environmentalist, i'm an advocate for the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. but that's another story.)

The past year was all about getting off the comforts of my boat, to do the impossible and walk on water. This year, perhaps it’s time to glide on air and even fly.

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