Saturday, December 6, 2008

Single Old Ladies Admitted In Ward 1

If I succeed in my career as an internist someday, I already have one advocacy in mind. I will be regularly donating to the Department of Medicine's Sagip Buhay Foundation and I will put up a trust fund called the Jean Alcover Fund. It will be an assistance program for indigent patients. The fund will help provide medications, laboratory expenses, mechanical ventilator fees, even long-term-care facility fees. To avail of this fund, there will only be one requirement: the recipient should be a single, unmarried, unattached woman admitted in PGH. That simple. Once there are already men involved, the patient would have to avail of other fund sources.

Last night, my good friend Vicvic had a craving for dark chocolate ice cream. So I took a break from TRP practice and together with another good friend, Bevy, we went to Robinson's and got a scoop each of sinful chocolate ice cream from Theobroma. On our way to the mall, we were talking about couples. Each of us has 3 or 4 friends or acquaintances who recently got engaged, tied the knot, or are about to. While we were enjoying our ice cream, we were all disturbed by a supposedly regular sight. Every direction we looked there was always a twenty or thirty-something obviously pregnant woman, or someone brimming with maternal bliss with a kid or several kids in hand.

The three of us looked at each other. "The world's getting crazy these days." "Yeah, it is." "People are crazy getting hitched during hard times." "Uhmm, yeah." "I'm getting myself a kid in the next few years, I'm doing it the natural way. But the man can get lost once I get knocked up." Laughter. "Why would anyone even want to hook up with someone for life?"

Silence. We devoured our ice creams. Silence still.

And as if on cue, each heaved out a sigh.


rayms said...

Remember the Aesop fable, The Fox and the Grapes? Hahahaha... Parang iba lang ang setting, kayo ang foxes, the men are the grapes!

Tawa ako ng tawa while I was reading your blog. Isama nyo pa si claire! Wala na, ubos ang ice cream!!!

Walking on Water said...

i actually had claire in mind while i was writing this piece. and the rest of the five o'cluck clubbers.

it's easy to despise what you cannot get. yun ang moral nung Aesop.=)

we're not there yet, though. i'm still a fox looking at the grapes, salivating. haha!

dr_clairebear said...

HEEEYYYY! I'll have you know that i am a recovering ice cream addict, despite the fact that we have really good gelato here! i now only regularly have this ice cream called "skinny cow" which is soy milk based and sugar free when i am jonesing for ice cream. :))

i have no beef with being single all my life, as i'm still a bit iffy about my physical abilities to have kids, but i'm planning to work my ass off so i can retire early and travel and fade into the sunset before i become that single lady in ward 1. :P