Monday, December 15, 2008


Finally, it's over. All that's left in my cubicle are the piles of papers that this little corner has accumulated for the past years, handed down from one chief resident to another. And tomorrow morning, it's my turn to go. The last of my endorsements have been completed. All that's left is for me to vacate this place. For the first time tomorrow morning, I will wake up no longer part of UP-PGH. After 4 years, it's over.

There's noise coming from the nearby AVR. The 1st years and the 3rd years have decided to merge their batch parties while they were already all half-drunk. There's screaming and shouting. Sounds of happy people taking their time, as if they're aware that their days are limited, that they have to make the most out of it. Life in this hospital, though often hard, is worth every minute of it.

The kids are already drunk. If someone from the hospital administration walks in and finds all those beer cans and wine, tequila and vodka bottles scattered around, we'd all be kicked out. I watch them for awhile. I remember my batch. I miss those days. I walk away. For the first time since I stepped in as chief resident, I'm not getting drunk with them. I'm staying sober tonight. I'll let them be. Walk away. Let them be. Finally.


rayms said...

Congrats for a job well done!!! I am so proud of you mother!!!=).

Now is the time to find a man! Kaya lang mag cardio ka pa, pano yan?

Sids said...

You're still going to be with PGH, dear. After all, you applied for Cardiology fellowship.

Anyways, congratulations.

Lalaloo said...

Thanks for watching over us Jean!