Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Like Eternity

One of my most eccentric and adorable consultants, Dr. Alonso, recently gave a short pep talk to my incoming first year residents. He gave his usual warnings ("back off my IVF, kids!" "stay away from my cocktails!") and ended with this anecdote.

"If you know you have six months left to live, how should you spend it?"


"Be a resident in the PGH Department of Medicine."

The residents wondered, "Why, sir?"

"Because if you're a resident in this department, every minute would seem like eternity."

Today, I have 6 days left in the department. And here I am, stretching every minute. When your minutes are running out, even eternity is finite.

But yes, the memories do last. And eternity, though unfathomable, just might be possible.


Sidney Erwin said...

Maybe you're stretching your last 6 days at the Department kasi marami ka pang dapat ayusin before you go. . . Don't know if leaving would be a happy or sad thing for you.

rayms said...

hahahaha! Dr Alonso will always be a lovable character!

It is time to celebrate mama Jean! Our batch is truly proud of you!!!

Walking on Water said...

sir sidney and raymond,

i'm just glad it's over. and really honored to be given this kind of experience.
it's great to be looking forward to something new, isn't it?
these days, i can't be grateful enough...

Reena said...

that was hilarious.