Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can you say that again?

It was past midnight when I left the office last night. I was still in a good mood despite the massive amount of work I left behind for the following day. I had to start vacating my little cubicle, so on a Saturday night, I cleaned up some of the junk I accumulated over the year and decided to bring home a few of my personal stuff in my backpack. The evening was wonderful, with the chilly December Amihan already brewing. I put on my jacket, played the Happiness playlist on my iPod (which mainly consisted of hip-hop dance tunes by Rhianna, Fergie, etc., which are so out of my character and taste but I listen to them anyway because they make me happy), and commenced my 15-walk towards my apartment in Nakpil.

I felt fabulous. Single, unattached, independent, smart. Even beautiful and sexy. I walked on, feeling the cold December breeze on my face. Fergie was crooning G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S on my iPod. All the men in the world can get lost. I was happy.

I was standing outside PGH, by the gate, waiting for the light to turn red. There were a couple of empty cabs parked on the side of Taft. A thirty-something man, apparently the driver of one of the cabs approached me, "Taxi po." I nodded. He was persistent. "Sige na po. Saan po kayo, nay?"

Did someone just call me "nanay"? I stared at him. I could kill a man.

The light turned red. I hurriedly crossed the street.

Some men are just so stupid.

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