Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scheduled Diarrhea

It's 4:30PM. I'll be off to Catanduanes in a few hours!

Tomorrow is my scheduled diarrhea. For the first time in my residency life, I'll be faking the bowels. Not that the staff in the office are not aware. They're part of the conspiracy. Only the bosses don't know. Sigh... I hope karma will not demand its share.

I mean, I deserve this, right? After weeks and weeks of being a slave, sleeping in the office, not reading my novels, not listening to music, not enjoying my coffee in Harbour Square by the bay, not talking to my friends for hours on end, I deserve to at least have one bloody weekend off!

Ahhh, I can almost feel the breeze on my face. I can hear the surf, smell the brine.

I will be alone this time. Like, duh! As if I'm not used to this loneliness, uh-oh, solitude. What's the difference between the two anyway? Oh yeah, solitude is the remedy of loneliness. Solitude is my friend, loneliness the enemy. I'll be relishing my solitude in a few hours.

I wish I have someone to enjoy the quiet with, though. Someone who will find my solitude as interesting and as lovely as his own...

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