Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I love my older patients. Here's a shot with Lolo Carding, a 2nd World Ward veteran I met in Quezon.

I learned a new word today: Homeostenosis
Homoios = like
Stenosis = narrowing

Homeostenosis is just a geriatric concept that refers to the characteristic, progressive constriction of homeostatic reserve that occurs with aging in every organ system. This is the impaired ability to compensate to physiologic challenges, such that what used to be normal is no longer normal. A diminution, a decline, a deterioration, a limiting of your world brought about by time.

Hearing the word struck a chord in me and I do not understand why. There is something profound about the idea but I do not even know how to start thinking about it. Perhaps one day I'll find out. Hopefully, before homeostenosis hits me.

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