Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Afternoon Blues

It's five o'clock in the afternoon. One by one, my trusty people said their goodbyes. Most of the lights are down and I have turned the aircon off to keep the air warm. After a barrage of text messages, my phone suddenly stopped beeping. It's quiet. I can hear myself breathe.

Today I had to make choices. Out of 46 hopeful individuals who completed pre-residency, I had to select the Top 30 who will be interviewed. From this 30, the next batch of residents of the UP-PGH Department of Medicine, only 21 of them, will be selected. This means I closed the door to 16 aspirants, perhaps shattered some of their greatest hopes. Perhaps at least one of them is in a corner now, silently weeping for lost chances, wondering why his or her best was not good enough. I just prolonged the agony and encouraged futile hopes of 9 people too.

May God bless these decisions and me, the unworthy person commissioned to make them.


rayms said...

hey mama jean!!! i've been reading your blogs.:). time flies so fast, in a few months, your term as chief will end. would like to congratulate you for a job well done. nobody but you could have done it!

Walking on Water said...

thanks for dropping by raymond. can't access your blog through the hospital system. mag blogspot ka na rin.=) yeah, can't believe this is almost over. i'm just grateful for everything. (sniff sniff)