Thursday, May 28, 2009


Once in a while, there are days when, for no apparent reason at all, you'd like to pack up your entire old life in a box and shove it hidden under a pile of garbage. These are days when meeting people from your not-so-long-ago yesterdays becomes extremely stressful, when anything different from your usual boring routine gives you headaches and crowds make you shiver and throw up.

Today is one of those days. I'm packing up my old life into a tight box and keep it in a secluded corner. Hormonal. Purely hormonal, I hope. Before I snap on friends and ruin relationships, I have to get over this. Sleep, I need to get some sleep. Peace, I need to get some peace. Space, I need lots and lots of space. And solitude and quiet.

Ugh! Can somebody tell me what's going on?


will said...

and for further aggravation, to top it all of, I call you on the cellphone out of the blue to ask about some patient's cardiac problems!

Walking on Water said...

and i really appreciated that will. as long as i can be helpful.=)