Sunday, May 24, 2009


When it comes to life's crossroads, it's always hard to choose the best directions. It's like those choose-your-own-mystery novels back in childhood, when you make a wrong decision here and then a cascade of irrevocable and unfortunate events follows. Sometimes we make our decisions based on what's comfortable, what's familiar. Why is it so hard to be different these days?

It's all about opportunity costs. The most commonly sacrificed is convenience. Nevertheless, it's also the hardest to let go of.

I hope we make our choices based on what our hearts tell us, not on what's easy. Sometimes, it's better to discard our maps. Opportunities lurk in places yet undiscovered.

But if you choose what is comfortable and convenient, I won't blame you. The path of least resistance always appears to be the best even when it's not. But who am I to say what is?


drrayms said...

There's an episode in This American Life, a popular radio show here, and the host asked his audience to raise their hands if they are still in their plan A of their life choices, and nobody raised their hands. I remember that one shouted I'm in PLAN F!!! :).

I guess, life is like that... we are presented with a lot of choices. And whatever choice we make, we should just make it the best possible. No REGRETS! Its coming from someone who made several decisions, and never regretted a thing!

Walking on Water said...

that's nice to hear raymond. i guess what matters most are not the plans that we make, but our contingency measures when our plans don't turn out right.

that post was a message for our supposedly 6th CVS fellow, who i happened to share interesting conversations with. he quit after a week.=(