Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tribute to a Travel Buddy

For years, in vain have I searched for a steady, reliable travel buddy, who would silently endure my screwed up sense of direction and my perpetual lack of plans. I have posted ads on Facebook, bribed some people, written eloquent accounts of my travels - efforts that were all useless and even pathetic. If there's no one around, oh well, I figured that perhaps my own company is already enough for myself. So, on I traveled.

Today, I reviewed my old photos from my previous trips, and realized I had one constant companion. And he silently endured my quirks, suffered my tantrums, and witnessed all my travel highs. Some of my old pictures are lost but these are what I retrieved.

To my constant wandering partner, may your colors never fade even when mine do. May you find your way back to me no matter where my feet take me or wherever laundry you land on. May you never be blown away by strong winds, or snatched by unkind strangers. May you wipe more tears, sweat, and occasional blood from wounds. May you shield more dust and more sunlight from my eyes. May you see more of the country and more of the world with me

Itbayat, Batanes. January to February 2009.

Banawe, Ifugao. April 2010.

Kiamba, Saranggani Province. June 2010.

Mt. Pinatubo, Tarlac. March 2010.

Baler, Aurora Province. April 2011.

To my tubao, thank you! You have made each of my journeys a bad-hair-day-free experience.

Here's to more adventures. Cheers! :-)

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AngelMD-No-More said...

awwww kakainggit ka talaga jean! i have been longing to travel alone like you kaso parang sa liit ko na to, napakadali kong hablutin at ipasok sa van.hahaha Saw your travel pics again and yep! napansin ko nga si travel buddy mo...makes me want to buy a philippine map and tubao na.=)