Friday, April 22, 2011

Maundy Thursday in Manila

Yesterday, I took a walk along Roxas Boulevard to catch a glimpse of the sunset. I expected a desolate Baywalk. To my consternation, however, the boulevard was crowded with people "staycationing" in the city. This gave me a sudden surge of creativity to act voyeuristic and immortalize their activities with my camera.

This part of the city has become my favorite haunt these days. True enough, the sun and the people made excellent subjects. I thank God for the sun, and for the people He made.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!


Lawstude said...

the 3rd photo fits your monicker perfectly. its like walking on water.

what's great about long holidays is that in case where you do not have any travels, you can check back on some of the blogs you have missed because of work and all. have a pleasant break my friend.

Ola said...

again, very nice shots of nature and portraits of every day life (so far away from where I live)

Walking on Water said...

Thanks, Ola. :-)