Monday, April 18, 2011

My Attempts at Photography: Backpacking Baler

After years of mulling over getting a DSLR camera, I finally decided to evolve from my old point-and-shoot to an entry level, little-bit-more-sophisticated Canon DSLR. To pilot my new baby and explore (or jumpstart) my possible talents (uh-huh) in photography, I decided to slack a bit in my hospital duties and leave PGH way before off-time. With my backpack and my handy Cardiology reading material, I jumped on a bus all the way to Baler in Aurora Province, northeast of Luzon, and embarked on another solo adventure.

Here are some of my shots. Next week, I'll be "pro" enough to learn how to do Photoshop. For now, I hope these would do.

Diayo Dam. Maria Aurora Town, Aurora Province.

Surfer's sunrise. Sabang Beach, Baler.

Ruined seawall. Sabang Beach, Baler.

Tabun River, Brgy. L. Pimentel, San Luis, Aurora Province.

Almost-sunset. Baler Fish Port.

The favorite weekend hangout of Aurora locals. NIA Dam, San Luisa, Aurora Province.
Almost moontime. A glimpse of the full moon. Diguisit Beach, Baler.

Stones. Cemento Beach, Baler.

Another view of the stones of Cemento Beach, Baler.

May the pictures never get in the way of the travels. May the attempts to capture the beauty of the scenery never diminish the awe of the mere experience of being there.

Critics will be much appreciated. We all better ourselves by constructive criticism. :-)


will said...

ahoy! lumelevel up! i don't know anything about photography intricacies but these pics look swell!! by the way ma'am jean nag callroom/office hopping kami kanina (dalawa lang naman, renal and cvs) and we therefore conclude na CVS first year fellows ang pinaka masaya at contented among all the first year fellows!!!!

Reena said...

i was planning to visit Baler with a friend. But learned she's staying there for 7 days so i backed out. I hope to see the place soon. You have beautiful photos!