Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sick Again


1 week history of hypersomnolence, hyperphagia, and anhedonia.
(+) generalized headaches, (+) joint pains, (+) malaise
(+) behavioral changes and irritabilty
(+) hallucinations of beer, beaches, and exotic places
(+) forgetfulness and poor short term memory

For impression and differential diagnoses, let me know.

And for treatment, don't ask me.
I'm referring to you for opinion and comanagement.

P.S. This is a charity case. No PF please.


The Commuter said...

Hmmm. Looks like . . . Try taking Xanor XR 0.5 mg once daily.

Walking on Water said...

thanks for the advise sir. Will do.

but what i think i really need...
i need a love life! bwahaha!

The Commuter said...

Pareho lang tayo . . . Hay. I'm beginning to think that when The Big Guy Up There made things in pairs, he forgot to make mine. Hay. It's my last year on the Calendar!

Lalaloo said...

I think lalake ang kasagutan. Hahaha!

will said...

or food. Lots of. Nothing beats good pizza and beer. And lur.

Reena said...

i ned the same prescription ata. lol