Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday, at around 4PM, while I was having my regular quiet time at a Starbucks outlet by the bay, I had this strange feeling. That same ominous sensation you get when you know something peculiar is happening, a sense of impending doom. Palpitations, dry mouth, cold clammy skin - not caffeine-induced at all because you've been used to such high doses for your daily fix.

I feel something is going to change. Something drastic. Something I have to face boldly and without tears.

I remember feeling that way last November, when I learned of news that utterly left me dumbfounded. I was literally frozen that all I managed to do was allow my legs to buckle and seat myself on the floor I was standing on. No anger, no regret, no tears. Just nothing. And then the world stopped for a moment. And after a moment came a frenzy of colors, an exquisite mix of lights and sounds, and everything strange. And then the world moves again.

Something is happening that I do not know. A premonition that something huge and revolutionary is brewing out there. I'm waiting. Bring it on...


Reena said...

hmmm. interesting. i'm curious. does your premonition have anything to do with your lovelife? or with the current conass thngie? hahaha...galing ng comparison diba? :)

btw, was it you who left a comment sa blog abt the UP interns? it was written by a "guest" but i assumed it was you.


Walking on Water said...

yes reena. that was me. strange na yung comment part in your blog. can't figure it out.=)

large proportion kasi of malate regulars are the genetically XY with the XX phenotype.=)

Lalaloo said...

What's eating you Jean? :)