Sunday, June 21, 2009

Huli Ka! (at least hindi Wow Mali!)

Though I’m not a big fan of television, I managed to watch several shows dealing with real people caught doing something – not anything terrible or mean, but something stupid or ridiculous, or magnanimous, or whatever extreme, enough to get them on camera and make them the public laughingstock for the moment.

I got myself entangled in the same show today. There are no cameras, no one to see me blush, no public to laugh at me. But I got caught just the same. And there’s always something strange about being caught. It’s not guilt, because I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s like having to surrender the privacy of your secret world to someone. Imagine staring at a beautiful face, when for no deliberate or logical reason at all, you just can’t take your eyes off that face. And then suddenly, he turns his head and looks at you and catches you staring at him, and instinctively you look away. The embarrassment stems more from the looking away part, not the staring part I guess.

Anyway, I didn’t get caught staring at anyone. Though it would have felt pretty much the same way. Through the wonders of information technology, my old musings - all written for writing’s sake, by some miracle, managed to overcome obscurity and land in the computer screen of… guess who? The Great Dr. D himself!

He caught me! Now he knows he has a one-person fan club. That’s not exactly embarrassing, right? It’s a good thing the man is ever-indulgent and forgiving. So, since this blog is no longer a non-entity to him as before, here goes… Sir, I’m not taking anything I wrote about you back!

I wonder who else I’ve been writing about are reading my stories about them. Oh my, that’s reason for panic. So if you’re reading about yourself in my blog, please come out in the open and let me know.

One thing I learned: if you get caught staring at someone, don’t look away. Stare back, and smile.


Reena said...

haha. something similar happened to me too. my cousins abroad reads my blog without my knowing, until another cousin (their sis) spilled their secret. lol.

so what i did was, i wrote a letter and made it into a blogpost specifically for them. and just after an hour, they left me a comment. -->

it was funny. it made me conscious.

The Commuter said...


Don't worry too much. I think he's probably used to all forms of admiration by now. I recall back then (I was first or second year ata), when he was admitted following his bout of syncope while on the badminton court, several of the seniors aggressively volunteered to remove the gauze you place after CA (to take a peek?)and were severely frustrated when told that his co-consultant would be the one doing it.

Hehehehehehe. Just so you know. you're not alone.

Walking on Water said...

sir sid, it's not like that. really. all the rest can have their peek. i'd go for first-rate intellectual discussions. and yeah, changing the world.=)

he'd be reading this. i'm clean dr d. clean all over.=) will be watching out for your own blog.