Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Surprise

It's Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I'm embarassed I'm celebrating it. Surprised I even knew today has a significance of some kind, that February 14 stands for something. I'm the greatest anti-Valentine's day fan that I know. For several years, I made it a point to wear black as a protest. Then black for Valentine's day became chic, and so I stopped caring. I thought (and still think) that Valentine's Day is an overrated, commercialized nonsense; a ploy by media and other industries to get people to shell out their hard-earned bucks, as if love can be bought. If anything, it's a large-scale attempt to brainwash people to give in to their carnal instincts believing love is equal to sex and the other way around. It seems successful. Malls and restaurants get crowded, traffic sucks on Valentine's week and more babies are born on Novembers of any year.

But this year, despite my disgust for this hype, I'm celebrating it. Of course I'm not wearing red, or going out for a solo dinner in a fancy restaurant, or asking any male friend out just so I could pretend I have a date. Those would be hideously unforgiveable. In my quiet way, I will celebrate it.

Perhaps I shocked several of my friends when they received "Happy Valentine's Day" text messages from me. I really meant it.

Love, requited or otherwise, no matter how painful or sweet, was, is, and will always be worth it.

That deserves a celebration, doesn't it?

For starters, I'm opening a bottle of red wine. Cheers!


askal said...

amen to that, definitely worth it...have ur self a merry little Valentines... interesting blog and stories thru photographs

will said...

great way to spend valentimes! commercial indeed, ang dami-daming teddy bear and panda sa toy kingdom. dinidisplace ang more important toys like action figures.

AngelMD-No-More said...

happy vday! so, i'll see you around?hehehe

Reena said...

happy valentines! (belated)

ang tanong eh, sino kasama mo nagcelebrate? hehe

Walking on Water said...

@askal, thanks. a merry little valentine. that's nice. that's how it should be celebrated, don't you think?

@will, in the next few years, toy stores will be full of action figures in lewd positions. that's a great idea, right? figurines doing the kama sutra on valentine's day. patok yun!=)

@angelMD-no-more, see you around.=)

@reena, i had a date with myself. as usual.=)

dr_clairebear said...

i think having a real date with yourself is totally underrated. Happy Quirkalone day, jean!

ana k said...

Hi jean! ana k here. you are right, commercialized masyado.. esp dito japan. chocolates are very popular here on Vday.. and not just ordinary chocs.. very expensive ones. and it is the women who give it to the men and not the other way around. agay!

Walking on Water said...

hi ana k!
it's good to hear from you. balhin na lang ko dinha japan! hehehe