Monday, February 23, 2009

Tagged! 25 Random Things

Been getting this tagging thing for the past weeks - in Facebook and even from my blogging friends. I've persistenly ignored this tagging epidemic but today, for lack of anything else better to write about, I'm doing this.

Just once. Block my site if I do this again.

25 Random Things About Me

1. I am extremely clumsy, tripping over stuff, bumping against all sorts of things and slipping even on dry ground all the time. I attribute this to my genu valgum (knock-knees).

2. My feet have collapsed transverse arches (a type of flat-footedness) causing hideous permanent calluses on my middle metatarsals.

3. My last normal BMI was 25 years ago, which makes me obese for as long as I can remember, so I just stopped caring.

4. I adore peanut butter especially those greasy enough to drip off the bread. Reese chocolates, peanut butter chocolate milkshake, peanut butter ice cream, yumm!

5. My all-time favorite meal: crispy fried small galunggong toasted enough you can eat the head, warm rice, toyo with kalamansi or sukang pinakurat.

6. I have restless legs when I go to bed – I wiggle my legs rhythmically until I fall asleep, sometimes too vigorously that the bed shakes, so I’d rather have the bed to my own, or I'd rather get the floor.

7. Please leave me alone in the following situations: my jogs or long walks anywhere, and my church hour. If I ask you to join me in these, hmmm, that must be something. If you see me in church alone, oh please don't try to be nice by sitting beside me.

8. When moving about in a line, I prefer to be the last. When sitting on a bench, I prefer the edge. When lying in a cramped space, I’ll take the edge or the corner. Neurosis? Maybe. Go figure.

9. For me, examples of hot, sexy males are: Gary Sinise of CSI New York, Tim Robbins during his Shawshank Redemption days, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, and George Harrison from birth until death. If there's a pattern, go ahead, tell me.

10. I still talk to an imaginary friend. I have several. If they’re not available, I talk to objects or animals.

11. I’m extremely lazy – I can spend the entire day gazing at the ceiling or the walls, or talking to myself, and I barely get by with cramming and procrastination.

12. I have a very poor memory – I can’t remember faces or names or directions or numbers.

13. When in class or a lecture, I need to see the face of the speaker and look him/her in the eye, or else I won’t recall a thing. I seem to remember things better for their emotional significance.

14. I never get mad for more than a sunset. And I forget everything the next day.

15. I love the rain so much that I try to avoid using umbrellas as much as I can.

16. My definition of a good movie or a good book is anything that makes me cry. And I cry so easily.

17. My favorite heroine of all time is Eowyn in Lord of the Rings – unrequited love, glory in battle, then happily ever after.

18. I love the Beatles! Though I don’t own a single Beatles record, their songs make up the soundtrack of my life.

19. If past lives are real, I’d be a witch during the Inquisition, a Wild West whore in the mid-1800s, or a hippie artist/activist/ groupie in the 1960s.

20. If I’m not a doctor, I’d be a poet, a rocker, or an ST queen, but I never had the talent or the body to become those. Buti na lang!

21. I hate big weddings (but not marriage itself), so I make all sorts of excuses not to attend one, but I’ll attend for friendship’s sake. Aside from weddings, I hate Christmas, Valentine's Day, funerals, baptisms, anything with pomp and ceremonies.

22. I can’t stand crowds. I avoid huge malls and crowded bars because they make me dizzy and nauseous. But I go to rallies sometimes.

23. My greatest dream is to be a housewife raising a big family in a farm by the ocean. Bwahaha! That's why it's called a dream.=)

24. All my life, I never had a best friend. I have several very good friends, but none that can be dubbed “best”.

25. If I find that best friend and he happens to be a straight male, I'll ask him to marry me.

I'm not tagging anyone anymore. I'm not good at this.

But it sure does feel good.=)


Reena said...

woohoo! tnx for doing the tag. yep, i grew yup in davao city. wru in davao?


#4. i love reese chocolates too! i take the reeses my young cousins get from trick or treating. :)

#12. i have poor memory too. that's one of the reasons why my friends like telling their secrets to me.

#15. i love the rain too!

it's good to know more about you. you have the personality of an only child. haha.

sheng said...

Hi, bloghopped here from Reena. I'm glad you did this, this is actually cool. Nice list too.

Walking on Water said...

@reena, i happen to be an only child.=) did i mention that somewhere in this blog or is it really just obvious?
Hey, how come you know about birth order? Did you happen to read Lucille Forer's "Birth Order and Life Roles"? It's a 1960s book but it's interesting. Funny because I was just reading it an hour ago.=)

@sheng, thanks for dropping by.=)

Reena said...

hey. haha. nagcomment ka kasi sa akin before that you were an only child. wow, i remembered that fact! hehe...although, you have the traits of an only child. pareho kasi kayo ng kabarkada ko ng ugali. :)

but i've read a lot about birth order. interesting kasi. that book sounds interesting. i'll look for that nga. :)