Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Man Part 3

What if, just what if, that perfect man in the previous entry and the other one before that is just perfect - without the awful BUTs, hypothetical though they are, that I mentioned? What would you do? Using a biblical analogy, what if you found THE pearl? Like the merchant in the bible, would you sell all your belongings so you can buy this pearl that you've been searching for all your life? How far would you go to get this pearl? How far would you go to get this man?

This part of the quest for the perfect man is called "So..." As in...

So, you can read his mind. But can he read yours?
So, you listen to his music, but to him, does that even matter?
So, you can forgive whatever faults he has, forget all his women, accept all his imperfections, but does he even want you to?
So, you will cry when he cries, suffer when he suffers, bleed when he bleeds, but will he do the same for you?
So, he tells you his life stories and you believe them, but is he telling you the truth?
So, you will tell him your thoughts, share with him your passions and doubts, but does he even remember them?
So, you show him your work, your life, your memories, but does he even see them?
So, you think of him all the time, as you walk, as you work, as you eat, as you sleep, as you pray, but does he even have a fleeting thought about you?
So, you will give everything you can to make him feel better, but does he even thank you for it?

So, you found your perfect man. But are you that perfect woman he is searching for?

If you answer a "No" to any of these questions, then your perfect man is NOT FOR YOU! There is someone better. If your man in question is already perfect based on your checklist, can you just imagine the perfect man who's really meant for you?

Exciting, isn't it?


Regina said...

I feel like on the same page... but I don't know the answers to those questions. I'm just afraid that his answer would be no...

Kodi said...

Jean, I found him and for him, I was perfect enough.

g_saturn said...

What if it was the other way around? What if you are someone's perfect woman and he answers "No" to the questions above?

Walking on Water said...

@mommy glads, how will he find out if he never asks? =(
i've always believed it's the man's job to ask. i'm a feminist but when it comes to that, I think women should be pursued. =)