Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Don'ts

Some admonitions to myself:

Don't break someone's heart just because somebody else broke yours.

Don't believe you're ugly just because you know you aren't pretty at all. Ugly and not pretty are two very different things.

Don't believe your trip was spoiled just because your schedule and itinerary didn't turn out as planned. Adventures are never planned.

Don't believe you're lost just because you don't know where you're heading.

Don't fall in love with someone just because he's interested in you. You might be a mere specimen to study, or an adventure to complete, or a puzzle to solve.

Don't lose your best friends just because you loved them.

Don't drive away people who love you because they already know too much.

Don't be afraid to appear vulnerable. But don't be vulnerable.

Don't be afraid to live your life alone. You won't.

Don't pity yourself when you have dinners alone. Others dream of time for themselves.

Don't be afraid of saying sorry. But never say you're sorry when you don't mean it.

Don't forget to say thank you. You may forget why but say thank you anyway.

Don't accept something as right simply because everybody else says so.

Don't be afraid to look someone in the eye no matter how beautiful he is or how deep those eyes are.

Don't pity yourself because somebody broke your heart.

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