Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain Man

The rains are back!

Being a rain lover, the return of the drizzles has recharged my spirit during the past 2 days. Too bad I can't stay under it. Common sense and propriety kept me from running outside singing, the Mary Poppins way. Just to hear the splatter on the PGH rooftops is enough for now. At least the heat waves are over, albeit temporarily. At least there's a steady humming around me, breaking the monotony of PGH sounds and noise.

For some strange reason, the smell of water hitting the smoldering pavement evokes certain memories. Old childhood days, moments that were never there, de ja vus, home, adventures, strange people, home. The fresh smell of newly washed Manila brings me somewhere far away. I feel wind on my face even if there was none. I'm taken to a special place, my Wonderland, some place that is my own.

photo from www.rocbike.com

(I remember the last time I was under the rain. I was in the boat to Apo Island in Dumaguete. There was a storm brewing somewhere. We were battling the waves out in an angry ocean. I was freezing. But I was warm. It was a dangerous journey. But I was safe.)

I wish I could find a mud puddle and splash around in it, without any care at all. I wish I could sing and scream and laugh and giggle and be stupid and senseless. I wish I was in that boat to Dumaguete again. I wish I'm not alone staring at the rain now.

Too bad the rain stopped. For a moment I thought the Rain Man was right beside me again.

From Rain Man (1988)

Charlie: When I was a little kid and I got scared, the Rain Man would come and sing to me.
Susanna: Rain what?
Charlie: Oh you know, one of those imaginary childhood friends.
Susanna: What happened to him?
Charlie: Nothing, I just grew up.

well, it just so happens that I got my own Rain Man too. But this one comes with growing up, and will never entirely go away. perhaps...

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g_saturn said...

Hey Jean, welcome back! I missed your blogs. =)