Monday, November 24, 2008


This part of my life is called "Awwww!"

I've been a believer of persistence, the power of the steady, insistent prayer. I was told in the past that God could actually change His mind. Remember that line in the Bible when you just have to ask and ask until He gives you what you asked for? Because the Bible said that when His children asks Him for bread, He never gives them a serpent.

Recently I was made to realize several hard truths. Yes, God will not give you a serpent. But sometimes, He won't give you bread either. He simply says "No". Not only that. Sometimes, God even slams the door right in your face. And oh boy, your face gets so swollen you can't even cry. He could have said "No" and I could have taken it with grace and just walk away. A black and white, all bold, "No" would have been enough. Or a gentle closing of the door. But He slams the door real hard. He can be rude sometimes. And He leaves you right there in the middle of the street, dazed.

Whew! Wow!


I need to get that faith back.

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