Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aborted Extinction

This blog is dying. My last post was almost four months ago and I still can't get a decent post out of my head today. My dearest blogger friends have stopped sending me text messages asking when I will be writing again. I have almost faded away from the blogging world, and just like any other unimportant writer, I will vanish into oblivion and be eternally forgotten.

So, if anybody out there cares, how am I?

Well, unimportant as I am, I will tell the world that... I've been great! The past few months have been a struggle against voluntary extinction, I should say. But the worst is over. After that initial decision to just acquiesce and fade away, something just flickers inside you again that would make you take that extra deep gasp. Wait, world! I still want to live!!!

With that new-found desire and thirst for life in mind, you rise up from your coma and start breathing on your own again. The sensation is lovely. The feeling is surreal. Every breath becomes a blessing, every step you take is a step away from sweet comfortable darkness. And then you just live. And you choose to go on living.

I am writing again. This blog will choose to live. This woman too.


BOTD said...

hi ma'am jean! glad to see a new blog from you! :)

will said...

welcome back ma'am jean! i sometimes hope that blogs would write themselves, but they need us people. keep on writing!

will said...

welcome back ma'am jean! keep on writing!