Thursday, February 18, 2010

To DSLR or Not

I'm itching my hands to get that DSLR. You see I'm finishing my first year of Cardiology fellowship hell in 10 days. Ten days!!! Wohoo! So I'm currently dreaming my way through these final days, surfing online domestic airline tickets scavenging for promo airfares, or bloghopping around travel sites hoping to catch that next secret pristine destination before the crowds get there ahead of me, all the time assuming I'll have unlimited weekends to dispense during these next few months. Ahhh, just the thought of the sweet life is making me gain so much unwanted weight already.

Since this blog is already bereft of photos, I figured it would be nice to finally get a DSLR so I can post great shots of the places I'll soon visit. Photography is the husband of traveling. But speaking of husbands, it seems so absurd to even dream of getting my hands on a nice professional-level camera. I'll never get a husband, so what made me think of even dabbling with photography? Well, that association seem tangential, but it seems so logical too. I mean analogies usually work, don't they?

Anyway, I haven't received my salary for almost 3 months already. If not for well-meaning but definitely enterprising drug company representatives, I wouldn't be able to eat three times a day. My teacher Dr. D often said that there's no such thing as a free meal - somebody always pays for them. But when you're a struggling, unfairly compensated fellow like me, you'll try to get as much free meals as your stomach can take. And when the free meals come, you try to stuff yourself to as much as you can take, in anticipation of the possibility that your next meal may no longer come. Hence, the weight gain.

So this pathetic state of my finances reminds me that a DSLR is not practical in this time of El Nino and impending nationwide famine. But if you've been deprived of luxuries for some time, your human nature argues that you deserve some indulgence, and somehow succeeds in making you look forward to something you can't afford - something like a DSLR camera.

I need to get some sense into this darn head. The way things are going, I guess one of my good friends will be right. The moment I'll get that oodles of free time, I'll start grumbling and look for more work again. Aaaarrrgh!! Oh please, I'm NOT workaholic. I'm just so damned crazy. A DSLR will cure that, won't it? Won't it?

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