Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After the PMS

I've been spending the past few days gorging on chocolates, red meat, oil, and yeah, evil carbs. I've been eating way too much that everyday, I'm probably consuming twice the recommended daily calorie intake for Filipinos. This is indeed a cause for guilt and alarm, considering that half of this nation's population is actually subsisting on a meager 1,500 kilo-calorie-days, which is below the recommended daily allowance, not because of vanity or health reasons, but simply because they could not afford to eat more. But emotional eater as I am, I'm left with no choice but to give in to my chocolate fantasies and carbohydrate addiction. True enough, the scales don't lie. I've gained 2 kilograms in a month's time, and I don't feel any better at all.

While I had PMS to blame for my lousy state of mind during the past weeks, I'm left with no other valid reason now, except for my sheer lack of self-control or my innate tendencies to fall for the phony and fleeting elation of a sugar rush. The monthly visitor has come and gone, and the changes in the hormones didn't do anything to abate the need for sugar. It only heightened the need for salt, a trap I readily fell for, of course.

And so today, I just woke up feeling more oafish than ever. I need a way to get out of this perceived need to eat. I need to free my mind from the clutches of evil carbs and the nefarious red meat. I need to get satisfaction from hunger. Ahhh, the glorious sounds an empty stomach makes - the gurgling, the hollow buzz - I need to hear music in those noises again.

I promise. I will start dieting tomorrow. But whether I'm serious or not, well, I guess that would have to wait until tomorrow too.


will said...

no to dieting! life is too short to subsist on bland white meat.

Kikit said...

i wonder why a lot of women would like to go on a diet while i'm having a hard time getting a few pounds. life's ironic, isn't it?

good luck! :)