Sunday, October 4, 2009

Making Peace

Today, I'm making peace with a lot of things.

First off, I'd like to make peace with the rain - that gift from nature which I've loved for so long, whose embrace I used to look forward to each time it showers the world with its bounty. To the rain, I know you didn't mean to do us harm. Or perhaps you gave us your warnings but we never heeded them.

Then, I'd like to make peace with the sun, whose fierceness I've always abhorred, whose presence I've always took for granted and whined about, and hid from. Perhaps I failed to recognize what life would be like if there was no sunshine. To the sun, thank you for the constancy, for being around even when I forgot to be grateful.

I'd also would like to make peace with Love. It is not your fault that you chose to be picky. It is not your fault that you never picked me. You will move on, sometimes in sheer joy, sometimes in sublime peace, sometimes in ultimate terror, sometimes in exquisite, unsurpassed pain. I will move on too.

And lastly, I'd like to make peace with myself. It is not my fault that I chose to love, even if Love did not choose to be returned.

Today, I will make peace with a lot of things. The beauty of the sunset lies in its brevity. An epiphany is knowledge seen in pure clarity. Clarity only lasts for a moment. And a moment is no longer a moment if it lasts.


sheng said...

I love this poem. Or essay or whatever you may call this, perhaps we can make peace with everything, and make amends at least?

Anonymous said...

This entry is so far one of my favorites...Need to make peace with so many things myself. :) Thanks jean. :)---jen A.

Walking on Water said...

Sheng and Jen,

Thanks. Inner peace.=)