Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Writer's Block

Almost 48 hours and I'm still staring into space. My head is still heavy and empty. I've been trying to write a good enough entry to mark this historical milestone in my existence, but I can't. When words come into play, reality is obscured, they say. But when your reality is obscure enough, you can't even play with your words.

Honesty comes with a price. Would things turn out better if I remained silent? If I had been more patient, would I be brave enough? If I just stoically endured things, will I stop feeling anything? If I stifle hope, would it gain me reality? If I embrace reality, would hope be too much to lose?

This is it. The choice is made. The line is crossed. The word is uttered. There's no turning back. What is there to lose has been lost. All because honesty comes with a price. And honesty was what I chose.

And although it's empty, yes, I'm keeping the shell...


Reena said...

is this a writer's block? your post is longer than mine! hehe..

well, i hope you find the right words to express how you feel. i'm curious about that milestone of yours.

although, i agree with you. sometimes keeping silent is better than spilling everything out in the open. i find myself doing that too.


Kodi said...

Jean, is this what we talked about that time we were watching dragonboat rowers?